Largest simultaneous lesson
Global Campaign for Education
8856108 people
南アフリカ (Johannesburg)
The largest simultaneous lesson involved 8,856,108 students. Addressing the importance of quality education for all, the event was organised by the Global Campaign for Education (GCE), a coalition of civil society organisations who have come together to promote education as a basic human right across over 100 countries, on 23 April 2008. The GCE was formed in 1999 and since then, civil society organisations, teachers’ unions, non-governmental organizations including Oxfam, Action Aid and Save the Children, child rights’ activists, UN agencies, schools teachers, parents and students collectively have joined the movement to press for education for all. The lesson lasted 30 minutes and addressed the importance of having a quality education for all to end exclusion so that we can attain the Education for All goals set by world leaders by 2015. To this end the GCE prepared a common Lesson Plan under the topic: “The Importance of Quality Education for All”.