Oldest person living (male)
Robert Weighton
112:01 year(s), day(s)
イギリス (Alton)

The oldest living person (male) is Robert Weighton (UK, b. 29 March 1908), who is 112 years and 1 day old, as verified in Alton, Hampshire, UK, on 30 March 2020.

Weighton was born in Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire and was one of seven children. His father paid an extra £3 a term so he could stay at school until he was 16, which enabled him to take up a marine engineering apprenticeship. After qualifying, Weighton moved to Taiwan to teach at a missionary school, although he first had to spend two years in Japan learning the language.

In 1937, Weighton married his wife, Agnes, in Hong Kong, and then they returned to Taiwan, where their first child, David, was born. The family decided to return to the United Kingdom in 1939, but were diverted to Toronto, Canada, due to the onset of the Second World War. While in Canada, the couple had two more children, Peter and Dorothy.

Weighton later moved to Connecticut, United States, and worked in a factory that made aeroplanes for Britain to help them fight the war. He also worked closely with the American Secret Service, before moving back to England after the war had ended, to take a teaching position at City University, London.