Oldest family business
Houshi Ryokan
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Houshi Ryokan in the village of Awazu, Japan dates back to A.D. 717 and is a family business spanning over 46 generations.

In 717 a Buddhist priest named Taicho discovered a hot water spring on Mount Hasukan, Japan that was supposed to have healing powers.  Taicho gave his disciple Garyo Houshi the title of spring keeper.  Houshi established an inn near the waters where guests originally paid for their lodgings with homegrown produce.  Today, the ryokan has 100 rooms for 450 guests.

A ryokan is an old-fashion inn which offers guests a taste of traditional Japanese life.  There are many different types of ryokans but service can include being welcomed by a kimono-wearing maid who will serve your meals, draw your bath and prepare your bed.  Japanese ryokans are considered excellent resting places.