Fastest motorized toilet
HAWC Mk1, Robert English , Thomas Ellis, Joe Summers, HAWC Mk1
70.545 mile(s) per hour
イギリス (Elvington)

The fastest motorized toilet is the HAWC (Highly Advanced Water Closet) Mk1, built by Robert English, Thomas Ellis, Joe Summers and William Beaty (all UK), which reached a speed of 113.531 km/hr (70.545 mph) over a two-way 100-m (328-ft) straight at Elvington Airfield in North Yorkshire, UK, on 15 September 2018. The toilet was driven by Ellis and was flushed at the end of the attempt to prove it functioned as required.

The team of 18-year-old engineering enthusiasts from Harington School in Rutland, UK, got permission from their teachers to build the toilet during their A-Levels. “This real-life engineering project was a fantastic extension to their academic work," said a school spokesperson. They fixed a toilet and cistern to a go-kart frame powered by a 250-cc Yamaha engine, and used a toilet brush as a gear stick. The attempt was monitored by the UK Timing Association as part of the Straightliners Autumn Top Speed Weekend at Elvington. The Highly Advanced Water Closet beat the previous record of 85.6 km/h (53.2 mph), set by YouTube star Colin Furze in 2013.