Greatest distance on inline skates (rollerblades) in 12 hours (male)
Jochen Glasbrenner
330.54 kilometre(s)
ドイツ (Mannheim)

The greatest distance on inline skates (rollerblades) in 12 hours (male) is 330.54 km (205.39 mi) and was achieved by Jochen Glasbrenner (Germany), in Mannheim, Germany, on 28 August 2020.

Jochen has been doing endurance sports for for 30 years, such as IRONMAN® races and 100 km runs.

Jochen trains about 15 to 20 hours over six or seven days a week. His training primarily includes skating, biking and running. But this didn't stop the challenges on the day of the attempt. Despite this, the weather was not on Jochen's side this day and it was very windy and wet. This meant that the surface was quite slippery which hindered his speed.

Even though he experience bad weather, Jochen managed to complete the attempt and afterwards made sure he slept as much as possible to recover. He said it took about three weeks to recover entirely, he even lost a toe nail... yikes!