Oldest dog ever
30:243 year(s), day(s)
ポルトガル (Conqueiros)

The oldest dog ever is Bobi (Portugal, b. 11 May 1992), who is 30 years and 243 days old, as verified in Conqueiros, Portugal on 9 January 2023.

Bobi was born in 1992 and belongs to Leonel Costa. "We are really happy and grateful to have Bobi with us after 30 years", said Leonel.

Leonel believes that living free in nature, without being tied to chains, and being fed healthy food, in addition to love, helped Bobi to have a longer life!

"I believe Bobi deserves this Guinness World Records title and I, as his owner, have a duty to give him all the best and honor him in every way for this success in life", completed Leonel.